OF Gold….

I decided to be present for and participate in a Spring Equinox celebration, this past Saturday….facilitated by a Shamanic Practitioner [his label, not mine].

I arrived with two colleagues/peers from school; we were a bit late, yet  just in time – the drumming did not begin. The participants and host were standing in a circle on the labyrinth.

The three of us found a space to stand within the…

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Second Entry…

“I can tell the difference between a need and a want”, he says.

“I doubt it”, I say.

He challenges me to prove himself right.

I accept, knowing I will prove him wrong.

“Kiss me twice – one as a need and one as a want”.

I oblige.





Copyright © 2014 Alaya A. Dannu. All Rights Reserved

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First Entry

He peeled them off of me…like how he peels his grapefruits.

and deliberate,

akin to the sensation of lace sliding off of my skin



Copyright © 2014 Alaya A. Dannu. All Rights Reserved

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Path less traveled…

Drifting to sleep, my body fell into a state of natural paralysis, while my mind maintained its grasp on my external surroundings.

Remaining aware of going into REM sleep used to scare me to the core. I would encounter those that have crossed over, being…

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Snippet of a Draft…

I grew up in a house of Wisdom and Royalty. My biological father, a Priest of an age old Yoruba tradition out of the continent we now call Africa [Ifa]; my step-father, the man my mother married [and later divorced], a Prince – one of the many sons of an…

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At the Crux…


-PP Music (UK) – “Ultimatum” — The Lost Sequel-

They have spoken; those who have come before me – my ancestors. It is their Mystery I am to be initiated into first.

They have spoken; those…

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My Mother…




I long for the embrace of my mother.

I speak to the power that which assisted in the creation of my unique signature. My Mother…

                  ….The Wind, The Heavens, That Which Destroys in order for Creation to come to Pass…


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Realization from a Phone Conversation

I wanted to let a faculty member know that I have with me the blessings and knowledge of my truest/essential self, predecessors and ancestors. What it is I seek to bring into the world is something that was agreed upon before even coming here. This is not…

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As a short recap, I was asked to leave my place of employment in December of 2012. My official last day was January 7, 2013.

Many things happened between then and now. A short summary of events that led up to the cause for this post:

In an effort to find…

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I’m curious about this topic of becoming a writer and developing a following.

Are you supposed to write about things that people relate to, or write authentically and not be concerned on whether or not people can relate?

Isn’t it mostly about relating…

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